Welcome to the download page. Everyone needs to download the setup program so go ahead and get started with that.


Some modules in the toolkit require additional components and the links for those are below.

In the earliest versions we used to have all subcomponets as required but since most only have one or the other we've split them out into seperate downloads. Download and run the extra componets as outlined in your install instructions
Installer If your module integrates with Fishbowl inventory you'll need this ODBC driver
Installer All of the PowerBI reports we do for Fishbowl use a different driver than the ODBC connection above. Use this one if you are trying to get Fishbowl data to PowerBI. (note: it's 64 bit!)
Installer If you do not have QQube yet this link will get you to the site to purchase it so the QQUBE reports work
Installer Most of our reports are written in with the Crystal reports tool. If you are using a report, download the latest runtime engine here that is integrated into our tool
Fishbowl Warehouse setup zip file Extract this zip file and run the batch file to install SQL express and then create a FBWarehouse database

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